(Project launches August 2019)

Public Academic, is a listing of public speaking opportunities at local colleges and universities, all from a simple, efficient, and fast interface. These speaking opportunities are regularly made available by campus departments and organizations but seldom well advertised. With our listing, we aim to change that.

For college departments and organizations, finding qualified speakers can be difficult. We provide a completely free platform for them to list the many Gigs they have available. For the speakers, this is the place to find them.

All our speakers have at a minimum a Bachelor's degree from an accredited US institution. We feel that by requiring a degree we can offer a higher level of speaker to the departments and organizations offering the speaking gig. In return we can then offer a higher quality speaking environment for the speakers by focussing our attention solely on college campuses.

* * *

Ultimately, our goal is to increase the number of public speaking opportunities on all college campuses. This in turn increases the interaction between the public and campuses. We believe that this is a mutually beneficial way to help people at all levels learn from each other.

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