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Are you a Gigster?

If you have a college degree, then you are a Collegiate Gigster.
You are a professional with skills, experience, and knowledge
beyond the average Gigster.


Scroll down to find out more about what sets you apart
and what we can do for you.



A formal education is the foundation of your success as a Collegiate Gigster.




What we Offer

In one sentence: we help you find unique opportunities to share your knowledge & experience while being paid fairly for your effort.

If you work for a company, organization, or institution, and aren't being paid fairly, we can help change that. If you are being paid well, but your talents are not being utilized to their fullest, we can change that as well. If you are between jobs and need something to bridge the gap, we can help. If you are returning to work after a long break, we can help there too.

We build online services (Platforms) that allow you to find work (Gigs) and professional development courses (Collegiate Seminars). This allows you to build up your resume/CV so that, when it is coupled with your educational and professional background, you can become a more competitive individual. So we really do two things:

  1. We give you access to opportunities

  2. Through them, we help to build up your resume/CV

When you join us, you are no longer just a Gigster, you become what we call a Collegiate Gigster, someone who's education and professional experience come together to create an advantage over others. We offer the unique opportunities for you to try out, participate, and engage in new endeavors that will enhance your current career or open up doors to an entirely new career.

Why the emphasis on a college degree?

A formal education gives you an unprecedented advantage.

The fact is that the Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Larry Ellisons of the world who scoffed at a college education are one-in-a-million. According to the most recent census, 1/3 of Americans have a bachelor's degree, and about 1/10 have a Master's degree or higher. However, billionaires like Steve, Bill and Larry make up less than 0.00001 percent of the population, which is literally, one in 10 million! Another thing to think about is that despite their supposed genius, they don't fare so well when they are asked to come out of their mansions whether it be socially, in the media, or in court, as was so painfully obvious with Mark Zuckerberg's recent hearings in front of congress.

The point is that a college degree is far more attainable and more importantly, it prepares you better to be successful in life. There is always the possibility that you are not as successful as you had expected, despite that degree, but then perhaps it is because your chosen career path is not ideal. Or perhaps your current employer is not seeing the value you bring to the job.

This is where we come in. We believe that you are a model of success, but if that is not evident now, then it is time to consider a second option, a side-Gig.

We started this project to advance college education and to re-affirm its value in the job market. We want to support, honor, and expand on the years you put into acquiring a degree. If you have a degree, you stand above the many others also looking for work. You have more to offer and we understand that.



Collegiality, Collaboration, and Commitment


"These are principles that I live by. They represent the very best that academia has to offer and I want to carry this message beyond the classroom"

Dr. Marie Nubia-Feliciano
Founder & CEO of the Colégas Group



Who we are

The Founders

The Colégas group was founded by Dr. Marie Nubia-Feliciano, faculty member at Chapman University, Michael Koetsier, alumnus of UC Irvine with over 25 years of experience working in the UC system, and Bruce Bradford, an expert developer with experience working at Apple and Blizzard Entertainment.

The Advisory Board

The Colégas Group is supported by an Advisory Board of highly successful academics, specialists, and visionaries whose insight into their unique fields fundamentally support the Colégas mission.

Programmers, Interns and Volunteers

The Colégas Group is supported by a team of programmers, interns, and volunteers who help with our development efforts and keep the project moving forward.

To read more about the team, click here.


Today, 1/3 of American
Workers are Gigsters

By 2025 1/2 of American
workers will be Gigsters



Collegiate GigsterS

(or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gig Economy)

We started our campaign by asking people a simple question: "Are you a Gigster?" Most people who work for a large company or organization will say that they aren't. Most folks who work full-time don't see themselves as Gigsters. Truth-be-told, we also didn't see ourselves as Gigsters when we asked ourselves. However, the Gig Economy is closer to us all than we realize.

Many professionals already do part-time work on the side. Not all of it is paid, but what about those side-hustles helping out at your church? Or what about when we bartered our technical expertise with the neighbor who then offered to help us with that plumbing issue in the backyard? How about when we share this experience online with our friends and families via Social Media? It turns out that all these constitute Gigster-like activities. Whether we realize it or not, we are all becoming Gigsters as technology changes around us.

Here is another sobering reality. Which one of us can still expect a pension from our employer? How many of us have saved enough for retirement? What if that retirement is a lot sooner than we had hoped? That side-Gig could become quite a bit more important very quickly. If so, have you honed it to become your primary source of income?

Our children too, will enter labor labor force that will be very different from our own. By 2025 half of American workers will earn an income as Gigsters. While unemployment is currently very low, the fact is, more and more 9-to-5 career jobs are transitioning to contractual and temporary status. Far more people today change jobs every few years than was the norm just a couple of decades ago. Our children will enter a workforce where these realities are the norm.

At Colégas, we're not trying to paint a bleak picture, we are merely pointing out the trends. We realize that change is inevitable, so we choose to accentuate the positives, and there are many. We want Collegiate Gigsters to see these changes in that light as well. It will be is a shift to a new and exciting paradigm to harness.

By building on academic training and college degrees, Collegiate Gigsters are simply better equipped to harness that change. Yes, there are many types of other Gigsters out there, some doing better that most (think YouTubers), but they are often short-lived, one-trick acts. What happens when that one trick becomes over-played or there are just too many Gigsters doing the same shtick? Collegiate Gigsters have far more to offer than a single act. As such, they will be the ones to succeed in the Gig Economy. The Colégas Group is about building Platforms to make that happen.


 Are You A
Collegiate Gigster?



Do These
Statements Apply
to you?

I want to do what I already love to do.
I want to learn new skills.
I want to share them with others.
I want to earn more income.
I want to grow my resume/CV.
I want to set an example for my family/friends/co-workers/others.
I want to take advantage of the change happening all around me.
And yes, I have a college degree.

If these statements speak to you, then you are definitely a Collegiate Gigster. Click on the link below and sign up to receive the Gigster 'Zine, our weekly newsletter: