Edward Valenzuela - Videographer, Business-owner, Student

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Meet Edward Valenzuela, a very talented videographer who has been assisting us with our video production. We were very impressed with his insightful videography skills, but he also let us know that he runs a successful side business …and he’s a college student! This makes him a future collegiate gigster. We are very happy to feature him on our website and in our newsletter this month.

What is your side-Gig? What made you decide to do a side-Gig? How long have you been doing it?

My "side gig" is called the Last 1 Standing, where we offer a Hunger Games like experience combined with the greatest game of ultimate tag and flag football. What made me decide to to my start up company was because of my business partner. His name is Moses Cheverria, and he is one of the most ambitious persons I've met so far. He honestly makes the best of his life, and I follow the same model as he does. We plan to host our event at the Irvine Great Park on August 23rd, 2019.

What did you study in college? How did this inform your career path and/or your side-Gig?

I am currently a college student in my 3rd year at Santiago Canyon College, where I study filming, and hope to pursue Film Directing. Doing a start up company helps me grow as a person, and professionally it pushes me into a new category of skills that I have under my belt. I also do Videography work for Santiago Canyon College, and having those advertising skills helps me to promote my company.

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What is the best part about doing a side-Gig?

The best part about building your own start-up company is the fact that you have full control over how to run your company at first. With that, I have learned a whole variety of new skills that I never thought I would know such as computer coding, branding, wed design, etc.

What was the hardest part about starting a side-Gig? How would you advise others to address this?

The hardest part about my company is the advertising and making sure that people come to your events. Getting people to get out there when you're not a known company can become nerve-racking.

How have you leveraged social media and the web to grow your side-Gig?

With the advancement of technology and social media, I have come to realize that it truly helps a company advance and grow. I personally try to stay away from social media as much as possible, but for my company my ideals had to change quickly. Getting your company a social media page, benefits you in so many ways and it's just necessary to have one in today's world.

Many people start a side-Gig to reach financial freedom. Is doing a side-Gig profitable?

So far it seems to be profitable from my perspective and I have high hopes for the company. The more awareness I acquire and the more I work to make my company stronger, the more success I seem to have.

How do you balance your side-Gig with your personal life (family, vacations, leisure-time, etc.)?

Having a company to work on the side does intervene in your personal life. I'm currently only in the beginning stages, and I know that in the future I will take more time to spend with my family and have more personal time as well.

What is your goal in the next 5-10 years?

In the next 5 to 10 years I do hope to build on my start up company and make a comfortable income. I also hope to help my family, and hopefully make a difference for others in the world through positive messaging.

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