Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Gigster?

A Gigster is someone who does part-time work, whether that is in addition to a career, or as a primary source of employment. The term came from musicians who used the term to describe a request to perform on stage, usually for a single day or night for a few hours. The important distinction from traditional part-time or contract work is that a Gig is usually shorter in duration.

What is Public Academic?

It is a our first platform, an online portal where anyone with a college degree can find public speaking opportunities at local college campuses.

Why will Public Academic only offer speaking opportunities at local college campuses and not at other venues like companies and civic centers?

One of our primary goals is to strengthen the ties between local colleges and their communities. We also want to champion college education so we believe that this is the best way to do this.

What is the relationship between the Colégas Group and Public Academic?

The Colégas Group is the umbrella company that houses all the platforms, such as Public Academic, under it. As we develop more platforms, this hierarchy will become more evident.

What are these platforms that you refer to?

A platform is something you stand on. For us, it is the threshold from where many new doors will open for you. In essence it is just a web portal, but within the platform you will be able to quickly and efficiently select just the Gigs you want to do.

Are there any hidden fees and how do you cover your expenses?

There are no hidden fees. The monthly subscription fee is the only payment we receive and it covers our expenses according our budget modelling.

I thought you said that your services were free?

We offer access to all unpaid Gigs for free. Under this plan, you do not have access to paid Gigs, but the unpaid Gigs are an excellent opportunity to gain experience, build up your resume/CV, and to build connections with recognized colleges and universities. If you sign up for our paid plan, then you have access to both unpaid and paid Gigs. This would be ideal for those who have more speaking experience.

Do you use advertising?

We do not offer advertising to outside companies, although we do offer the opportunity for our member institutions and organizations to post work opportunities on a designated webpage within our network. This is not visible to non-members and is only accessible to people who have a free or paid account with us.

Do you sell my information?

We do not sell your information to entities outside of our network. Only data that is visible on our sites publicly (without logging in) can be used by other entities, although we do sell this information.