The COLÉGAS Mission

In 2016, the Colégas Group started as an idea, that grew into a business plan, and is now a growing company. The original mission was to find solutions for academics to allow their research, their teaching, and their contributions and ideas to reach a wider audience. More often than not, that work does not reach or benefit people outside of academia. We wanted to change this by finding ways to support faculty in spreading the word about the good work that is being done at colleges and universities.

As the idea grew, we realized that this is bigger than academia because of the many academically trained people working outside of colleges and universities. These professionals also did not have simple options to let others know about the exciting work they were doing. With this in mind, we expanded our scope to include people both in and out of academia.

Whether they are academics or other professionals, we believe that a college education is the foundation of their success. A guiding principle for all our projects is to emphasize formal education. We believe that a formal education plays a vital role in ensuring that the information we receive everyday. Whether it's from established news sources or found online, this education can be evaluated in relation to established research and knowledge. Too much of what exists in popular media is not reliable, and we believe that this is the result of a diminished importance given to academically vetted information. We would like to help reverse that trend.


The word is Spanish for "colleagues". The word is also a derivative of the Dutch word, collegas (one extra “l”). Our founder is married with children to someone who is Dutch. Helping create a family that is Dutch-Puerto Rican is part of her identity. She wanted this identity to be part of what the company reflects.

The Color Purple

As we were thinking about what the company represents, we wanted to select a color that would speak to the themes we are looking to convey. Instead of a primary color, we chose a blend because of the many facets of who we are and where we come from. In addition, we wanted a color that would represent scholarship, depth, experience, and wisdom. We feel that purple represents these attributes the best. Finally, the color purple can be seen as a transition color. One that we encounter on our way from red to blue. Red being a color of stress and worry, and blue being a color of peace and calm. Purple stands in between to hold the space open to acknowledge life’s necessary transitions.

What is with the Accent?

When we first decided on the name "Colégas," we received a few comments, including this one: "Isn't that grammatically incorrect and aren't you all about education?"

Well yes, the correct spelling for our company name is "Colegas," without an accent over the "e," we know. However, we found that for folks who do not speak Spanish, they read this as cole-gas, especially in relation to the web address. Since we have nothing to do with cole/coal or gas, and the word is part of our official logo, we needed to make sure our visitors would read the word properly. We considered using a different color on the letter "e" but since the issue really is a phonetic one, we thought that using a phonetic hint would work best. This is why we settled on putting an accent on the "e" of Colégas. And yes, it is pronounced "kol-A-gas."

Come to think of it, the accent also gives the word a French flair. You already know how we are about languages and focusing on the international, so this suits us just fine, too.

The COLÉGAS Seashells

Our colophon is a recurring theme we use that is derived from three intertwined nautilus shells. This particular piece of art is by Albert Koetsier, an educator, engineer, successful entrepreneur, and a world-renowned artist. You can see more of his art at


For the Colégas Group, the three nautilus shells represent the number 3, a prime number, that also occurs frequently in nature. It is the smallest number required to establish a plane in geometry and is the smallest number required to make a balanced group. The shells represent a perfect balance, not just in their number, but also from the nautilus shell’s inner structures which approximate the golden ratio. As this expands uniformly from the center, it reflects the way we think about knowledge, always expanding over time.

The three nautilus shells also symbolize the three C's that are Dr. Nubia-Feliciano's guiding principles: Collegiality, Collaboration, and Commitment. She believes very strongly that they form the foundation of her professional success. They are a constant reminder of what we stand for as a company and we hope that others will see this too when they see our colophon.