Men, Women and Power - June 2019

Men, Women and Power - June 2019


Redefining Leadership

June 24 & 26, 2019
Monday & Wednesday
6-8:00 pm

New Horizon School, in Irvine, CA

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Marie Nubia-Feliciano, Ph.D.


Men and women lead differently. This should not be seen as an obstacle but an asset. This course will help you better understand how to use the leadership skills that men and women bring to the workplace to transform your workplace and ultimately benefit your bottom line.

  • Learn the leadership differences between men and women.

  • Learn where you fit into this mix.

  • Learn how to amplify your leadership skills to incorporate the best of both worlds.

  • Learn how to combine the best of each approach to benefit your teams.

  • Learn how to use this information to improve communication and and collaboration.

  • Learn how to utilize those differences to position your company as a leader in the marketplace.

  • Learn how to get the best out of your employees to benefit your bottom line.