Leading from Within - May 2019

Leading from Within - May 2019

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Diversity Series - Know Yourself to Empower Others

May 6th & 8th, 2019
Monday & Wednesday

New Horizon School, in Irvine, CA

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Marie Nubia-Feliciano, Ph.D.


As leaders, we neglect to explore our own history to look for sources of strength and creativity. This course will guide you through this exploration. We will use a number of research-based assessments and exercises to get at your core strengths and what informs them so that you are more aware of the sources of your own power.

  • Explore who you are and where you come from.

  • Learn how to identify your own strengths and abilities.

  • Learn how to identify the contributions of your personal culture and history on your leadership skills.

  • Learn how to become a thoughtful leader who sees the benefit of learning from others.

  • Learn how to help your employees identify their strengths to benefit themselves and the team.

  • Learn to use this knowledge to create opportunities for you and your company.

  • Learn how to become a leader who sees strength and ability in everyone.