Diversity as a Strength - July 2019

Diversity as a Strength - July 2019


Managing Racially & Culturally Diverse Teams

July 22 & 24, 2019
Monday & Wednesday
6-8:00 pm

New Horizon School, in Irvine, CA

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Marie Nubia-Feliciano, Ph.D.


We often neglect to explore cultural and racial histories to look for sources of strength and creativity. This course will guide you through this exploration so that you better understand how to use this awareness to more effectively create and lead your teams.

  • Learn the history of the different cultural groups in the United States.

  • Learn about the contributions of the different cultural groups on the business world.

  • Learn where your cultural background fits into the mix.

  • learn how to amplify your leadership skills with this new knowledge and insight.

  • Learn how to create a work environment where everyone can bring their true selves.

  • Learn to use this knowledge to build more productive teams.

  • Learn how to use your team’s collective strength to propel your company forward.