Capitalizing on Age Diversity - June 2019

Capitalizing on Age Diversity - June 2019


Baby-Booming to Gen X-Y-Z-What? Capitalizing on Age Diversity

June 10 & 12, 2019
Monday & Wednesday
6-8:00 pm

New Horizon School, in Irvine, CA

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Marie Nubia-Feliciano, Ph.D.


Millennials, Gen-Xers, and Baby-boomers are sharing workspaces in the offices of today. And they should! Utilizing their combined creativity, energy, education, experience, and drive makes them the perfect combination to propel your company forward. This course will help you better understand this dynamic to ultimately benefit your bottom line.

  • Learn about the qualities of each generation.

  • Learn where you fit into the mix.

  • Learn how to use this information to amplify your leadership skills.

  • Learn how to not miss a quality candidate.

  • Learn how to capitalize on the human capital that’s all around you.

  • Learn how to incorporate the best that each generation has to offer.

  • Learn how to use this knowledge to best position yourself in the marketplace.