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When we set out to build the Colégas Group, our primary objective was to create a community where people with an academic background could find not just one, but many resources to help them develop as entrepreneurs. That is why we offer the services below, and why we continue to build new services as well.

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As an academic myself, I believe in the importance of continuing education. To address this, I wanted to offer training that is specifically suited to our community of entrepreneurs, gigsters and small business owners. Most people in our community already have a college education, so the trainings I offer here go beyond what is learned in college. In addition, the topics specifically address the needs of those building a business.

Rather than offering the same content found elsewhere, the seminars are intended to augment what people already know. As such, they are specifically designed to provide that competitive edge over the competition vying for the same jobs, clients and contracts.


The Curriculum

The Classes

The Classroom

The Instructor



The Seminars

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The seminars are made up of two distinct series of 5 classes each:

  • Presentation Skills <link>

  • Diversity <link>

Each series is broken down into five classes each. They need not be taken together or in any order, but it is highly recommended that attendees take all five classes in the series to have a thorough understanding of the topic. For the Diversity series, completion of the five classes also comes with a California State Certificate in Diversity.

The series represent subjects that I also teach at the university level, but the content is more focussed to meet the specific needs of the Collegiate Gigster community. As you can read in my bio, I have significant experience in both topics, however, I also typically also invite guest speakers and presenters to complement the material.


The Classrooms

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The seminars are typically taught at the New Horizon School in Irvine, CA. New Horizon is a brand-new modern facility with multiple classroom options depending on the size of the class. Most seminars are ideally suited for 10-20 attendees. This allows for an interactive and engaging learning experience, which is what I believe is the best environment for these topics.

New Horizon also has facilities for larger audiences, in the range of 100-150 attendees, but then the curriculum will be more lecture-based and less interactive.

Alternatively, I can also come to your company or organization, if that is preferable. I am flexible, so whatever best meets your needs.


Presentation Series:

The following seminars are intended for anyone who is interested in becoming a better presenter, not just teachers and academics. These classes are also a great compliment for those who are interested in our PublicAcademic platform, which is a registry of available public speaking opportunities at colleges and universities.

  1. The Psychology of Public Speaking

  2. PowerPoint and Designing Great Presentations

  3. The Business of Public Speaking

  4. Managing Your Online Image

  5. Public Speaking at Colleges and Universities

Diversity Series:

These classes are intended as a deeper look at the issues of diversity in the workplace. Most companies, institutions and organizations require diversity training already, but it tends to be very superficial. If you are interested in learning why these are important issues in the workplace, than the classes below are for you. Rather than considering diversity a must-do-requirement or an affirmative action excuse, I approach these topics from the perspective that diversity is a significant strength in the workplace and an important asset in business.

  1. Capitalizing on Age Diversity

  2. Men, Women and Power

  3. LGBT Insights

  4. Race and Ethnic Diversity as a Strength

  5. Leading from Within

Completion of the entire diversity series also includes California state certification.

Welcome to the Collegiate Seminars where we train you to become a better leader. Unlike other trainings, our classes are a bit different in that they are grounded in academic foundations and we cover focused topics that aren’t typically offered by themselves on one short seminar. What you learn in our seminars is current, valuable and immediately implementable.

There are two series of 5 seminars each. Each seminar is a two-day, in person training taught in Irvine, California. Each seminar is offered monthly. We designed the series this way, to allow attendees to put what they learn into practice and to roughly follow the academic schedule many of our attendees are comfortable with. During the summer we do two seminars per month, so the series can be completed in half the time. Of course, each seminar can be taken individually as well.

“By far the best I've ever attended. A conscientious,
thoughtful, and fresh new approach to leadership”

Who the Collegiate Seminars are for

The Collegiate Seminars are designed around the needs of industry leaders. The Seminars look at the human component and harness these insights to create shifts in thinking. This allows you to capitalize on this insight and grow your expertise from the very first class.

“I've never been asked to see my job from
this point of view before...thank you!”


Seminars are currently taught in-person by Dr. Marie Nubia-Feliciano, a highly respected educator, researcher, and academic with many years of experience teaching and public speaking.

She is currently a faculty member at Chapman University and a guest Lecturer at UC Irvine. Her full CV can be viewed here.

Future Collegiate Seminars series will be taught by equally qualified and sought-after academics. We will announce additional instructors in the coming months.

“Dr. Nubia-Feliciano is not just a teacher
and a mentor, she is an inspiration”


We are currently running a discounted special at $299 per seminar. Seating is limited to 25 attendees, so please register as soon as possible (by clicking on the image at the top-right of the page). Spaces fill up quickly so don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

HRCI & SHRM continuing education credits available.

Rave Reviews

“By far the best I've ever attended. A conscientious, thoughtful, and fresh new approach to leadership.”

“The first time we've had a packed room of 60 attendees give a unanimous standing ovation. Wow! Just Wow!”

“Dr. Marie is an amazing teacher. I learned so much in this class. I can't thank her enough!"

"I've never been asked to see my job from this point of view before...thank you!"

"I loved the interactions and how we had to really think about what we say."

“Dr. Nubia-Feliciano is not just a teacher and a mentor, she is an inspiration”

"Just loved it! Thank you..."

"When can you come back and do this again? No seriously, we need you back as soon as possible!"

"The first class where I actually learned something useful, and I'm 45 years old!"

"These are important, fundamental human skills every manager should learn. I cannot tell you how many managers I've had who need to be sitting in my seat right now.”

“Dr. M makes you feel included, engaged, and empowers you to be more than just another face in the crowd.”


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