Advisory Board Responsibilities

Below are some very basic responsibilities. We understand that people are very busy, so we will never pressure anyone or ask for more than reasonable. We are extremely grateful that you are willing to join our Advisory Board and we will not be asking for much of your time.

  1. Provide advice based on your area of expertise
  2. Engage with the company website and provide feedback
    • Try out new features of the projects as they are launched
    • Complete short surveys on the new features
  3. Help promote our projects
    • Be willing to describe our projects to interested people
    • Provide referrals when possible
    • Support our mission
  4. Agree to be listed on the The Colegas Group website under “Advisory Board”
    1. Complete a short form to provide information about yourself
    2. Provide a small photo for your profile
  5. You will also be added to a newsletter specifically for the Advisory Board. Marie will send this out on a regular basis to keep you appraised of our progress on the Colegas Group.