Maintain your API (Follow-up to the API Bootcamp)

Maintain your API (Follow-up to the API Bootcamp)

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Class Description:

Designed for Faculty, Adjuncts, and MA/PhD/MD Students as a academic year follow-up to the Summer’s Design Your API Class. This is a personalized monthly coaching service that is renewable for as long as you need support.

Class Features:

  • Virtual Writing Support Groups (Summer, Winter, Spring)

  • Work from a personalized plan based on your professional need

  • Weekly 30-min phone chat

  • Monthly 60-min video chat

  • Unlimited emails communication

  • 24-7 access to a private Facebook community

  • Renewable on a monthly basis

What You Get:

  • Monthly support from someone that is in your corner.

  • Personalized plan that is based on your needs

  • Strategies to reduce distractions so that you stay focused on YOU!

  • Purposeful career and life planning with Five- and 10-year Plans

  • Being part of a community who is working to create meaning in their lives.

  • Clearer Sense of Who You Are

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