Academic Professional Identity Series

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Stop feeling lost as you progress through your academic career. Develop your API - Academic Professional Identity - to gain clarity, purpose, and direction.

The reality of academia is that most advisors:

  1. don’t know what an academic professional identity is

  2. don’t know how to guide you in developing a professional philosophy

  3. don’t know how to advise your on alternative academic career options

  4. don’t know how to guide you on your own professional development journey

Our new Academic Coaching Series is completely online and accessible from wherever you are. It is designed for graduate students, adjuncts, and degreed professionals looking to expand their career opportunities by building on their post-graduate work. If you are struggling to find meaning and purpose behind your academic career, write your dissertation, create a personal philosophy that informs your work, or looking for a plan to write a article or publishing a book, then the Academic Coaching Series is for you.

Dr. Nubia-Feliciano will guide you through the process of developing a professional identity informed by your academic career. The API Coaching Series offer valuable planning skills, and works with you at your own pace. With over 20 years of experience working with graduate students and academics, she has the experience and the know-how to help you succeed.


Marie Nubia-Feliciano holds a Ph.D. in Education. She also holds a master’s degree in Counseling, with an emphasis in student development in higher education, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences. Marie Nubia-Feliciano is also founder and CEO of the Colégas Group, a company that provides professional development and public speaking opportunities.

The Virtual Classroom


Unlike our other seminars, the Academic Coaching Series is taught entirely online using modern tools to help you create a plan that works for you. With regular online meetings, shareable content, and regular access to Dr. Nubia-Feliciano, you can follow the curriculum from the comfort of your own computer.


During my final stages of my very rigorous doctoral program, Dr. Nubia-Feliciano was an exceptional academic and emotional support. She motivated me to push through obstacles that arose as I struggled to finalize my dissertation. She helped me through her strong background in approaching scholarly writing making it feasible and how to navigate academia in order to be successful. Dr. Nubia-Feliciano’s expertise and cultural competencies make her an excellent resource for personal and professional development. I would recommend Marie because she listens to you and provides appropriate guidance and academic counseling to help you succeed.
- Dr. Henry Santos Metcalf, Associate Director, Disability Support Services & Adjunct Professor

I needed help in describing my value and worth at my job. She described how the intellectual capital of an organization is made up of my human capital which in turn is the knowledge and relationships I bring to the organization. I would recommend Marie because she has the education and experience to offer guidance and support to a diverse population needing support.
- Administrative Coordinator, M.S.

Marie is the type of individual who you can call on for feedback or seek a fresh perspective. A caring and thoughtful individual, Marie will evaluate a situation and provide straightforward guidance. Marie does not beat around the bush and tells you how she sees it. A few summers ago, I was in a position where I was out of work due to a layoff. Marie and I shared long conversations about opportunities of how I could use my experience and education to reinvent myself. Having an honest and trustworthy friend I could call on, gave me the motivation to explore new opportunities. A few months later I landed a job that gave me a wonderful and fulfilling experience that I would have never imagined. To this day, I appreciate our conversations about life, family, and career. I know that Marie's expertise can make a difference in a person's life, particularly when they have reached a crossroads in their professional career. I highly recommended Marie to anyone who seeks honest and straightforward guidance.
- Monica, Ph.D., Educator